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Unique Treats From Around Asia

Do you have a sweet tooth? If the answer is yes, you might want to try out some of the treats that are listed below. Each of these is unique because they are made in the countries of their origin. Some of them are better known than the others, but as far as taste goes, they are all delicious and absolutely singular!


China is the only place where you will be able to try out the best mooncake in Singapore. While this sweet treat is usually made during their Mid-Autumn Festival, it is not unheard of during other times of the year. With a delicious glutinous rice crust, the goodies are filled with fruit or other filling. The original high fat version of this dish contained lotus seed paste combined with the yolk in duck’s eggs but as eating healthy became popular many other low fat options have emerged.

Sri Lanka

Halapa, is a dish that is authentic to Sri Lanka. While also enjoyed as a breakfast treat, this also makes for a delicious and nutritious evening tea time snack. The sweet is a millet cake that consists of sweetened and caramelized grated coconut sandwiched in the middle. It is then wrapped in a leaf known as “Kanda Kola” and steamed until the whole thing is soft and piping hot. Steaming helps retain the moisture of this very tasty snack. The millet that is been used increases the nutritional value of it as well.


Halwa is the common name given to a wide variety of sweet and aromatic desserts that is India’s gift to the world. Carrot halwa or gajar ka halwa is the most famous out of the lot while papaya, semolina, chickpea and almonds are other very popular variations. While halwa is no longer limited to India and has spread to even cake shops in European countries, the tiny hidden kitchens of India’s villages churn out some of the best servings of this delicious goodness.


Che chuoi is delicious, sticky and completely worth the mess of eating it. The dessert is cooked in a thick coconut milk to which sago is added. The scent of the combination that arises from the resultant delicious syrup is heady and addictive. Roasted peanuts are the perfect garnish as it cuts off the sweetness and softness of the dish perfectly.


Ma’aroud is the name of date rolls made in Israel. The dessert is made out of dough in the shape of a roll which is then stuffed with dates. Once it has been set, it is cut into cookies. The best part is that they can be put in an airtight container and stored at room temperature for some time.