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Tips For Making Kids To Eat Their Breakfast To School

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. The limited time in the morning, makes it almost near to impossible to get the kids to sit down and have a proper meal before leaving to school. Most often they go empty tummy or almost empty tummy. Cereals with milk are a great alternative for a short breakfast. But it is of utmost importance that the kids eat their breakfast meal that is packed into their school boxes.

So, how do you get kids to eat?

Read below to find out!


First of all make sure that the food is packed in a very clean box or sheet. You should make absolutely sure that the food is in very good hygienic conditions. Make sure that you wash the box if you are using the same one every day, very well. It is a good idea to use detergent to wash the box. If you give your kid(s) drinks, fruit juices or any of the sort. Maintain a separate bottle rather than using the same for water as well. As plastic bottles tend to change colour and can be very unhygienic.


Next, make sure that the food that you pack is very attractive. There are enough and more school lunch box ideas that you can view on the internet. Make sure that you put something unique and different when it comes to appearance. It has to look as creative and attractive as possible. You can also get your kids to intake the other necessary nutrients for instance if you buy fish oil supplements in Singapore, it will be a great way to ensure that they have a well-balanced nutrition supply.  

Something they prefer

It is a simple fact that the kids will eat as long as they like it. Avoid using colours or textures that they find disgusting or repulsive. Each kid is different. So, you should be able to determine what your kid will like and what he or she will dislike. You can therefore make something that they will love to eat. Try to balance the nutrient need by a dietary supplement.


Finally, you need to ensure that the food that you send is not the same thing every day. Kids can get bored easily and it is no different when it comes to their meals. They are always looking for new and interesting things. So, try a different concept every now and then. With time, you will be able to determine what will make your kids eat better and which tactics won’t. Keep in mind that it is a good idea to send in a mix of different food types at once. This will also give them a choice when having their breakfast at school. For instance, if you packed sandwiches include some grapes or even an apple. That will give them a variety.