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Safety Tips In The Classroom

The common habit amongst parents these days is to enroll their kids into preschools by the age of two or three. The need for day care centres are on the rise because it is the norm now to have both the parents working in a household and therefore the need for a day care to leave the child behind when they go to work. And one aspect that concerns parents is the safety of their children in these centres. So how do we go about ensuring the safety of the kids who enroll?

Safety of the environment
Is of utmost importance, because no parent want their children coming with cuts on their fingers or bumps on their heads. Ensuring the safety of all those within a playgroup is not only the responsibility of the teacher but also the environment. Some of the ways in which we can ensure the safety of the environment is to have enough space to accommodate the exact number of children in each classroom. If the classroom is cluttered with things and there is hardly any space for the children to move around then one of them is bound to trip over something and sustain injuries.

The furniture should be sturdy enough to handle all the antics that children tend to do with furniture especially in the finest preschool in Singapore, like pushing them around, climbing on them and bouncing up and down on them. They should not be rickety old furniture that cannot handle a little extra weight if a child tends to jump on it. And the furniture should also not have any pieces chipped off leaving pointy edges that can scrape the children or have rusty nails that can graze the children as well.

Whatever furniture can be attached to the wall should be where necessary. Because this makes it easier when the children hold onto thing when running about and gives the teacher peace of mind that nothing is going to come crashing down when one of the kids pull on something.

All sharp stationary like scissors, sharpeners and pencils should be kept well away from the reach of children, so that they can’t even get to it if the teacher has her back turned to the kids for a moment. There should not be any wall sockets also in accessible range to the kids and should always be place not at ground level but high up on the walls.

Even though we ensure all these safety features are in place if the children are not productively occupied they will tend to get into mishaps. So the best way to keep them out of trouble will be to keep them constructively engaged in activities.