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How To Check Whether A Door Is Fire Proofed

A fire proof door ensures that there is minimum damage that could occur in the case of a fire. It assures safety from the spread of heat and smoke. However not all doors are fire proofed and not all doors are made and installed using such material. Hence it is necessary that you take steps to thoroughly check through your doors to be certain that they are fire proofed and safe. Here are a few tips you could use when checking your doors;

Certified labels
Generally a door that has passed through fire proof inspection has a label on the side that mentions that it is a durable fire rated door in Singapore that could be used in any building and would serve its purpose well in the case of a fire. This certified label is highly important to be checked for in order to guarantee its state and serves the assigned purpose.

There are certain materials used to design exits that are perfect fire proofed ones. One such example are timber wooden doors. These are the perfect material that could be used, however the installation of these too needs to be thoroughly examined. There should be a gap less than 4mm when it is closed and the gap at the bottom of the door when compared with the ground should be greater than 8mm when compared with the top and the sides of the door. This helps to ensure that there will be no room for smoke to enter in the case of a fire within the building, thus safeguarding the occupants on the other side.

A strong seal
There should be no damages to the door, the frame and even around it. This is important because, although these doors may be fire proofed the damage door has more exposure to smoke because of the gaps that are created through the damages, hence it is necessary that you replace them in case there is any damage and take necessary precautions beforehand.

Take note of the hinges
It is necessary that you make sure the locks and screws are in place and working perfectly fine. If you have a stuck door get it fixed, in case there is some damage and you may need to escape quickly, a stuck door is going to help your cause at all and neither does a loose door that creates room for easy exposure to smoke and heat. Make sure your doors close well, if not, get them fixed immediately to not only prevent the easy exposure to fire but also to theft and robbery as well!

Check the doors well before you decide to move in to a place, even if it is your own home, and replace them if there is any damage to assure safety in the case of any calamity!